One of my key holdings is AT&T (NYSE:T), and it’s a name which I have discussed in many articles. Overall, the share price had been very stable, it was reliable for income, but growth kicked in last year, and shares have spiked from the low 30s to the 40s in a year. Then, the proposed deal with Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) sent shares down close to 20%, giving a buying opportunity. Shares have recouped most of those losses now. While I love the growth, I am in this name not for growth, but the incredible strength of the company’s growing dividend payments over time. Still, with all of the action in the name, the company really is the new AT&T, and news today continues to signify that.

But what exactly do I mean by the new AT&T? Well, if you have not been following my work, I am talking about innovation. I have covered the path to innovation over the course of many articles as I have developed this thesis. The company has quite simply fundamentally changed in the last three to five years. For AT&T, this much innovation in such a short period of time has been unprecedented. There are a number of purchases it has made, as well as experiments with social media, its Hello Lab project, and many others. The best move for growth has been the company’s push to integrate its DirecTV content with mobile. I would be remiss if I didn’t also at least mention that the company working to be first on 5G technology, in addition to pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into its infrastructure. AT&T is now a global telecommunications and media company, rather than just a simple “phone” company. And that takes me to today, where we learned that AT&T in short order has completed another purchase.

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