I have discussed so many different angles of Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW) I got to know the company inside and out. A few months I got trigger-happy and sold off ALL of my holdings in the precious metals sector (with the exception of my physical bullion) into the 2016 rally as I felt there would be a significant pullback. I may have been a few weeks early, but there has been a lot of selling in the sector, with some silver stocks crashing, following lower silver prices and rising costs. That is one reason I like Silver Wheaton, it is a cash cow that plays middle man as a financier. However, despite my affinity for streamlining companies, one item that has caused a lot of uncertainty in Silver Wheaton is the tax issue within Canada. This issue has been an ongoing saga, but we just learned that CEO Randy Smallwood is over it.

So what did we learn? The CEO has come out and directly said that he is willing to settle with the revenue agency, but will only do so if the amount is reasonable. This amount is anywhere from $5 to $10 million Canadian. If a reasonable settlement is not agreed upon, Smallwood says the company will go to trial. While he believes the company owes nothing, it could be more beneficial to the company and shareholders to simply settle and move on.

I believe a settlement.……..READ MORE

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