Why haven’t you listened? For the past year and a half I have urged you, I have pounded the table on, and opined extensively on Vail Resorts, Inc. (NYSE:MTN). Yet volume remains relatively light and the stock isn’t anywhere near on most of your radars. This is a well-known operator of mountain and lodging resorts in the United States, and one of my top picks in the vacation/entertainment sector. What you may not know is that its stock has now more than DOUBLED since I called for a buy in spring 2015 (figure 1). In recent coverage, I have said that the stock could climb higher, but wait for a pullback. And we did have a slight pull back at the start of the year. Did you get long? I sure hope so. This is becoming a powerhouse stock to own as the macroeconomic environment continues to improve, and with it, so does the company’s performance. Much of this is because the company is making acquisitions, and in general, earnings have been solid.

Figure 1. Stock Price History of Vail Resorts Over the Last two Years.

Source: Google Finance

Some of the bears have told me this is a name that will be hit the second the economy tanks. They told me that the impact of delayed tax refunds could crush the end of the fiscal quarter. Let me be clear. The economy…….READ MORE

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