Walgreens Boots Alliance (NASDAQ:WBA) has just announced it will be hiking its dividend. That is right, this growing pharmaceutical and retail sales empire has rewarded shareholders once again with yet another reason to be long this stock. This time it has hiked its dividend another 6.7%. This brings the total quarterly dividend to $0.40, up from the prior dividend of $0.375 per share. This is welcomed news as the name not only is growing, but it is looking out for shareholders as well. This dividend is payable on September 12th and has an ex-dividend date of August 16th. But how is the company able to do this?

Well the answer is pretty simple. Besides simply gobbling up all other companies, the company continues to impress on its own. What do I mean? Well even a cursory review of the recently just released its fiscal Q3 earnings tells the story. Forget about the new deal was struck with Rite Aid, current performance and expectations going forward without this name are what really matter when it comes to whether or not our dividend will be secure……READ MORE

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