As seen on Seeking Alpha, Apple is setting up for disappointment. The moment everyone has been waiting for is nearly here. Tomorrow, Apple (AAPL) will hold a media event where we will see the largest iPhone reveal since the company launched the phone 10 years ago. As expectations continue to climb with the stock near its all-time highs, the only thing I am certain of this week is that Apple will disappoint someone (and perhaps many).

No, I am not here today to be an Apple bear or detail some doom and gloom scenario for the company and the stock. That’s reserved for the big market players who think that Apple could take down the whole market this week. Tuesday’s event just isn’t long enough for Apple to unveil as many items as some are hoping for. Last year’s event lasted just under two hours, with some previous revels being even shorter than that. These shows are not like the multi-day developer’s conference that we see each June. Just take a look at what’s expected to be announced tomorrow:

  1. Two new traditional iPhones (the “7s” and “7s Plus”)
  2. The high end new flagship phone (the “8” or whatever else it is called)
  3. New version of Apple TV, perhaps 4K and HDR ready.
  4. New 4K content for iTunes.
  5. New Apple Watch with LTE cellular chip.
  6. Longer introduction to the HomePod.
  7. Unveiling of AirPods 2.
  8. Demonstration of new operating systems – iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4, tvOs 11.
  9. Lots of talk about Augmented Reality.
  10. New device accessories.
  11. One more thing? Perhaps the iMac Pro that’s coming in December?

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