Looking to purchase the newly announced Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus but are a little short on cash? GameStop (GME) may be able to help out. Today, the video game retailer announced that it is offering up to $400 cash when customers trade-in their current generation smartphones.

GameStop is pulling out all stops to help customers find extra money they can use toward the purchase of the new Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus unveiled earlier today. Through its trade-in program, the retailer is digging deep into its money vaults to offer top-dollar on a variety of unused, new or pre-owned smartphones and other consumer electronics.

“Trading in electronics like smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics and video gaming systems can add up to some serious cash that can be used to help purchase the new Apple iPhones announced today,” said Jon Haes, senior director of Pre-Owned Merchandising for GameStop. “We’re not talking pocket change. GameStop is ready to pay our customers big money for their electronics.”

GameStop’s trade-in program accepts thousands of items, including a wide range of smartphones, tablets, electronics accessories, and video games and systems. GameStop also accepts damaged or broken items, even if they don’t work anymore.

Samples of Top Phone and Electronics Trade Values Include:

iPhone 7 = $400
Samsung Galaxy S8 = $370
iPad Pro = $340
iPhone 6s = $250
iPad Mini = $165
Samsung Galaxy S7 = $160
To find out the trade-in value for any smartphone, or other consumer electronics items, customers can visit the GameStop online trade value website at www.gamestop.com/trade.

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