Every now and then we like to share some things that are light hearted. This is one of those times. At Quad 7 Capital, we have long been fans of the show South Park. It has taken on and successfully poked fun at and offended just about every group of people you can think of. We applaud that. Last night, things got personal, literally.

In the premiere, South Park parodied the increased popularity of smart speaker devices, namely honing in on Amazon (AMZN) devices powered by Alexa. As you know, these things are being integrated throughout many stores and homes nationwide. Yes, the machines are taking over. If you are unfamiliar with how these things work basically they allow users to talk to technology in order to set alarms, add items to shopping lists and general life admin. Think of it as Apple (AAPL) inc. Siri, with many more capabilities and skills.

Well, the creators as usual took it to another level. There is no way what we saw occur last night was by accident. Thousands of viewers were impacted. Both Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR)  users reported the South Park characters’ voices were setting off their devices as they watched the show last night. In other words, the characters actually activated viewers devices and gave commands.

Some people said they had peaches added to their grocery list and had alarms set. Let’s be honest. That is hysterical. We think some great pranks are in store with these new technologies.

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