From our friend and colleauge regarding War with Iran and oil prices:

While rhetoric around and from Iran has taken a short break, Saudi Arabia’s hawkish Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is making moves designed to confront Iran.

This week, it was reported that either a Saudi Prince, possibly Prince bin Salman himself, or a Qatari official had visited Israel to discuss Middle East peace and geopolitical alignment perhaps. In either case, it is a major event. Either Saudi Arabia paid a visit to a nation it has no official recognition or relations with, or Qatar is desperately trying to find a way out of their predicament with Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Iran’s ambitions in the Middle East will be the ultimate flashpoint to greater confrontation soon. American President Trump, Prince bin Salman, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egypt are of no mind to accept anything less than Iran’s complete retreat from the Arabian Peninsula. Iran has.….READ MORE


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