Will the iPhone X Price hurt or help? Well, Apple literally defies the laws of economics. We are not kidding around here. When we saw the price of the iPhone X we had sticker shock. The features are not all that impressive and competitor Samsung had incorporated most of these in prior models. And yet…somehow, when Apple raises prices…it creates MORE demand, not less. What???

It is true, and that is why analysts are upgrading the name left and right. The iPhone X price is counter intiuitive. As a prime example hitting the waves today, Morgan Stanley just raised its one year price target on Apple to $194, up $12 from the prior $182 price target. It opined that higher prices are positive, not a negative like some other research firms on Wall Street.

“Innovation-led price increases historically boost, rather than hinder, Apple demand,” wrote Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

Frankly, we at Quad 7 Capital are more concerned with the internal competition of the 8 and the X. No one is buying both, it is one or the other. We also believe the deals are dependent on what he major carriers and their offerings, as competition between the carriers will drive the best offers. We are specifically watching AT&T, but have interest in Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Are you buying the new iPhone? Does the iPhone X price scare you? Will you buy an 8? Or are you a Samsung loyalist?

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