Today we at Quad7Capital got to talk with Mark Zuckerberg. We previously told you that Facebook Messenger would soon have advertisements, and some laughed at us. Others were upset. Well, in an effort to continue to boost revenues through advertising, as well as to “increase the user experience” as Mr. Zuckerberg said, new changes which some consider invasive are on the way.

One such change involves actually reading what you are typing to offer advertising. For example if you are talking with a friend about a movie date, Fandango will jump in and offer deals to purchase movie tickets and a series of time and dates for that movie. The “M” assistant will “listen in to your conversations” and when a movie title comes up it will give you show times and locations. In many cases a direct link will pop up.

This is a huge invasion, but we asked if it was mandatory. “Absolutely not” said Mr. Zuckerberg. Users can turn off the assistant so as to have “secret conversations.” In other words, you need to tell Facebook Messenger that you want to keep the app from reading your convo to advertise.

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