We all know General Mills (NYSE:GIS) is a global food giant. General Mills Stock has and issue though. The problem is that General Mills Stock has been bumping along a 52 week low now for some time. In this article we will discuss the dividend, recent and projected performance, and opportunities for growth.

Our thesis is that you should wait to buy General Mills Stock until there is demonstrated growth in sales and margin improvement. It is not enough to say “I will add because it is falling.” Even if you plan to hold for 30 years, we still need to analyze the business of this longstanding company to ensure that there isn’t more downside ahead. On paper losses are still losses.

Protect your principal. We believe that recent performance of General Mills Stock as well as projected performance of the company necessitates that you wait to pull the trigger, even if the yield is attractive following the selloff here in 2017. In addition you MUST………..READ MORE NOW

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