Would you be ok with a Walmart employee coming into your home and putting groceries into the refrigerator? Well that is exactly what Walmart is doing. Starting in California, Walmart is testing a new service that delivers groceries not just to your doorstep, but straight into your refrigerator. Make no mistake this is being done to counter the growing market share in the grocery space of Amazon now that is owns Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh has been successful.

This isn’t just home delivery folks. When a customer participating in the test orders groceries, he or she can choose to have the goods delivered directly into the fridge. If that sounds like an invitation for robbery or worse, Walmart has said safety first. It is partnering with smart homeaccessories maker August Home so that customers can watch the delivery straight from their smartphone. Interesting.

The service gives Walmart deliverers a one-time code to use on an August Home lock at the customer’s home. The customer allows the deliverer access and can watch the delivery through security cameras paired to the August app. Once the delivery is complete, the homeowner gets a notification that the August lock has been shut. Walmart is testing the service in Silicon Valley first with a small group of August Home customers. The company said this move is “a natural evolution of what Walmart is all about — an obsession in saving our customers not just money but also time.”

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