It has been a tough year for all things retail, especially those in the athletic footwear space. This week the long-awaited Nike (NYSE:NKE) earnings were released and the report has the Street concerned. We have opined that Nike is a buy in that past the closer it gets to $50. However, the data change sometimes. In this article, we discuss recent performance and highlight worrisome trends that have led the company to conduct strategic transformations, which we view as bullish. Further, we are of the opinion that the dividend is a reason to consider staying in the name long-term, despite a rough quarter and the fact that the company is transitioning.


After years of growing sales and earnings, this quarter Nike displayed a number of problems. Some of these issues stem from the strategic changes being put into place, while other issues have stemmed from weakening sales in North America. While there are many guesses as to what is going on, we believe the fall in sales is related to the current product cycle, as well as vicious………..READ FULL ARTICLE

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