Thor Industries Inc. (NYSE:THO) was once a name that was rather thinly covered, with just a few articles covering the company, with several of them being our own. After we first told you to strike while the iron is hot, we saw the stock more than double. We are pleased to see that some coverage has picked up, with a few more authors offering their thoughts. The name is no longer a “hidden gem” but remains a gem nonetheless. So long as oil prices remain relatively muted, RV sales will continue to be strong. But at what point is the market saturated?

In the present column, we present a new bullish thesis in which we specifically believe sales will ramp up thanks to new buyers coming to market. The key difference here is that the new buyers are much younger than RV buyers are historically, and this new market niche among millennials will drive future sales, and subsequently the stock, much higher, even if sales are presently strong.


In the just-reported fiscal fourth quarter, Thor saw new records made, continuing a several-year run of continued growth. Sales were $1.93 billion, up 49.6% from last year, as sales of towable and motorized RVs offered growth and the company further recognized incremental revenue from acquisitions. Normally we would present a visualization of the rising sales, but…….READ FULL COLUMN

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