Biotix Inc. (BIOP) today announced it is changing its name to Riot Blockchain, Inc., and has reserved and plans to change its Nasdaq ticker symbol to RIOT, in line with a shift in direction of the company. The name and symbol change are subject to Nasdaq approval. Moving forward, Riot Blockchain’s focus will be as a strategic investor and operator in the blockchain ecosystem with a particular focus on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

As part of this focus, the company announces it has made a strategic investment in Coinsquare Ltd., one of Canada’s leading exchanges for trading digital currencies. This investment into a blockchain-focused company is indicative of similar opportunities Riot Blockchain plans to pursue, including possible acquisitions of businesses serving the blockchain ecosystem.

“At Riot Blockchain, our team has the insight and network to effectively grow and develop blockchain assets,” said Michael Beeghley, Chief Executive Officer of Riot Blockchain. “With new applications being developed for blockchain every day, this is a rapidly growing and evolving market. We are excited to have partnered with and led an investment in Coinsquare, a company we believe is well positioned to capitalize on the opportunity in this sector.”

Blockchain protocols offer a secure way to store and relay information without the need for middlemen. It uses a decentralized and encrypted ledger that offers a secure, efficient, verifiable, and permanent way of storing records and other information. Blockchain protocols are the backbone of numerous digital cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. They have a wide range of potential applications including use in processing transactions, managing medical records, recording votes and proof of ownership across a far-reaching spectrum of applications.

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