Most of you know I’m bearish on the stock of Tesla, Inc (TSLA) but that does not mean I want to see Tesla fail or not see movement toward a cleaner/greener automotive environment. While some people envision an all BEV future, I do not because there are certain applications where BEVs are just not suitable and may never be due to BEV charging limitations.

But for many drivers on this planet, BEVs are a viable option. But where luxury BEV choices may be limited today, that picture is rapidly changing and by 2020 there will be dozens of BEVs to choose from. In order for Tesla to survive and grow, the success of the Model 3 is their “do-or-die” moment. Like it or not, the market for high-end luxury BEVs is limited, and while Tesla has owned this market for years, they still cannot achieve profitability. No one has because the battery technology is………..READ MORE


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