Can you say bad day for AT&T stock? AT&T stock (T) is seeing one of its largest one day drops of the year at the time of this writing. The pressure is on, and our followers have been reaching out asking what is going on. In this column, we want to address what is happening and why, and what we’re doing in response to the sell-off. In addition, we will highlight a few basic things we need you to watch for when earnings are ultimately announced, and why we have more conservative expectations than the Street for AT&T stock.

Negative Catalyst

Today’s negative catalyst really is something that caught us by surprise, at least in terms of the timing and less so on content. However, the news is not making the rounds the way we thought it would and so we wanted to highlight what is going on here rather than respond to the numerous inquiries. In short, AT&T, being the global company that it is, came right out and said the hurricanes over the past two months are really going to have a financial impact on the company. This report is what is causing investors to press that AT&T stock sell button, and ask questions later. We seek to address those questions now, starting with the……..READ FULL COLUMN NOW

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