This could be devastating to General Electric (NYSE:GE. GE dividend has kept many investors in the name. But new data and insight suggest the GE dividend will be CUT. That is right, the GE Dividend is in trouble.

The team at Bloomberg BDVD expects GE to slash its quarterly payout to $0.18 from $0.24. that is a 25% reduction and sure to hit the stock hard. The GE dividend has kept many in the name. Among the other tidbits from Bloomberg BDVD, we learned some increases are expected.

Other changes for S&P 500 stocks are expected to be increases: Alliance Data (NYSE:ADS) boosting to $0.56 from $0.52, Aflac (NYSE:AFL) to $0.45 from $0.43, Crown Castle (NYSE:CCI) to $1.00 from $0.95, Cintas (NASDAQ:CTAS) to $1.61 from $1.33, Huntington Banc (NASDAQ:HBAN) to $0.11 from $0.08, Macertich to $0.74 from $0.71, and Pinnacle West (NYSE:PNW) to $0.69 from $0.655.

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