It’s a new record folks, but what’s comes next is even more interesting.

What record? Cryptocurrencies are kicking ass. The price of bitcoin has hit a new all-time high, crossing the $6,000 line for the first time. That is right! Bitcoin 6000! The Bitcoin price climbed as high as $6,003.81 This figure surpasses the previous all-time high set on October 13, when the price rose to $5,856.10. BPI data shows that the price climbed more than $200 in the past hour, with markets showing an average price of $5,697 prior to the ramp. At press time, the price of bitcoin is trading at around $5,968. Figures from show that some exchanges are currently reporting a price above $6,000, including Bitfinex and Bithumb, the world’s two largest exchanges by volume. Thus, bitcoin 6000 is real and is a month ahead of our predictions.

So what is next? Well, today’s bitcoin 6000 move pushes the network’s collective market capitalization closer to the $100 billion line. At press time, according to the BPI, bitcoin’s market cap is roughly $99.5 billion. Looking ahead we have called for a price of $8,000 by the spring, and we think it gets there.

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