BREAKING: Yankees manager Joe Girardi will not be returning to the team next season. A terrible loss for the team and the city and leaving many questions unanswered.

Girardi led the Yankees to the World Series in 2009, and took them within one game of returning this season before falling to the Astros in Game 7 of the ALCS. The decision appeared to come from the Yankees side.

“With a heavy heart, I come to you because the Yankees have decided not to bring me back,” Girardi said in a statement released by his agent. “I’d like to thank the Steinbrenner family for believing in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

Girardi’s four-year contract was up after this month, and despite this season’s success his future was undecided. Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s contract is also expiring, but he is fully expected to return.

The Yankees confirmed the news after days of meetings with Girardi and Cashman.

“I want to thank Joe for his 10 years of hard work and service to this organization,” Cashman said. “Everything this organization does is done with careful and thorough consideration, and we’ve decided to pursue alternatives for the managerial position.”

“As Hal Steinbrenner and I mentioned to Joe directly this week, he has been a tremendous Yankee on the field and away from it, as a player, coach and manager. He has a tireless work ethic, and put his heart into every game he managed over the last decade. He should take great pride in our accomplishments during his tenure, and I wish Joe and his family nothing but success and happiness in the future.”

Girardi, the former Yankees catcher, had been on board since 2008 and finishes his run with a 910-710 record as Yankees manager.

“I would like to thank Brian Cashman and his staff for hiring me and always trying to improve the team. I would like to thank my coaches and support staff for their dedication to always trying to make the players better and get the most out of them,” said Girardi, who thanked countless members of the organization in his good-bye address.

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