Looking for something better than bitcoin? At nearly $10,000 now, people are looking for alternatives to bitcoin. We question whether the rise can continue, or whether bitcoin till fall flat on its face. At this pricepoint, most are able to only afford to deal in fractions. Others are looking for the next big thing. Most however want to know if there is something better than bitcoin.

It really is interesting, when considering what is better than bitcoin. You see, bitcoin is so popular compared to other cryptos because it is still profiting from it being ‘first’ on the cryptocurrency market. This could be valid reason to own it and stick with it at the moment, abut how long can it last? Perhaps like gold, other metals will always be second fiddle?

It is possible that in a few decades if bitcoin can consolidate its position as the gold standard of crypto, this will be the case. That is easier said than done though. Many other cryptocurrencies are much better in a technological sense, and it would need many Bitcoin forks or innovations to make up for that difference.

brief overview of some cryptocurrencies which are better than Bitcoin in their niches:

– Ripple is a quick and efficient way of payment, which does not need mining and consumes little computing power

– Monero is a secure, private and untraceable way of transferring money

– Litecoin is basically a more efficient version of Bitcoin with regard to financial transactions

– Ethereum is suitable for smart contract or distributed applications

– Zcash is more secure than Bitcoin

Bitcoin only has their first mover advantage to compete with these and many other cryptocurrencies. Though Bitcoin becoming the gold standard of cryptocurrency looks like an attractive future for it, ir is a real question whether this will hold in the future. Picking winners in the cryptocurrency world is not easy, and it could all come crashing down. Alternatively, everything could be alright, but these are definitely names to look at if you are wondering what is better than bitcoin.

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