At the current price of $3.25, Ripple (or XRP) has a market cap of more than $120B, making it the 2nd most valuable crypto out there. At $245B, Bitcoin remains number one for the moment, but Ripple could be the next bitcoin.

Ripple is up 65% just in 2018, and nearly 14-fold over the last month. Over the past year, it’s up 300-fold.

The Ripple technology hopes to bring blockchain benefits to financial institutions, enabling cross-border payments at a far lower cost than the current system.

Adding in coins not in circulation, Ripple is worth $380B, says a wary Mike Novogratz. He reminds of the peak of the Japanese property bubble, when the land under the Imperial Palace was valued at more than the entire state of California.

At that $380B valuation, Ripple Labs, he says, is worth $225B, making it the globe’s 10th most-valuable company. CEO Chris Larsen is worth $55B, tying Mark Zuckerburg as the 5th-wealthiest person on the planet. “Things that don’t make sense don’t last….be careful out there.”

Are you ready to move beyond bitcoin? If so then now is the time, get your altcoins such as Ripple, IOTA and more now.

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