Quad7Capital is pleased to announce its partnership with TalkMarkets. This week, select content from our contributors will be appearing on TalkMarkets. In addition, we also offer exclusive content just for TalkMarket members/readers. Why have we done this?

Simply put, we like diversity, and we want our content to be seen by a variety of audiences. TalkMarkets is more than just a website with stock market coverage. TalkMarkets is an interested blend of news, social media, and analysis. It has been featured by several major outlets.

So why TalkMarkets? Well, have you ever noticed how websites about market news and commentary are the same for every visitor? We like TalkMarkets because we realize that every visitor to our website, and those like ours has their own unique interests and preferences.

At TalkMarkets, the community believes that your experience should be as unique as you. That simple thought was the spark that launched TalkMarkets.

Most other websites offer something for everyone by cramming in as much content as possible, gambling a headline will catch your eye. Or they carve out a tightly focused niche, and hope there are enough users to make the site worthwhile. At Quad7Capital, we have focused on quality analysis, as well as hot topic news. However, our reach is stymied without the right partners. And as such, this partnership, which connects us to more, was born:

At TalkMarkets, Quad7Capital has joined up to help create a new concept – a smart site which covers the entire breadth of the diverse financial realm but is customized and tailored to each individual user. Your interests, preferences, and level of investment sophistication influence what content you see and in what medium. This ensures a browsing experience which is easy, quick and personally relevant.

At Quad7Capital, and over a TalkMarkets, we share a philosophy that believe investing is both more informative and fun when done with friends, peers and mentors. TalkMarkets has done an immense just incorporating the best social media tools and creating a few of its own. With your help, Quad7Capital and TalkMarkets can work together to build a content model which will reinvent how users, just like you, consume financial media.

We invite you to not only join our website, but to register at award winning TalkMarkets through this unique link.

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