Keep an eye on Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) expense line moving forward, and possibly a decline in advertising revenues. The company is making a major move to prevent so called “fake news” off its site, even if it costs revenue and ups expenses.

With news of indictments of 13 Russian nationals over interference in U.S. elections hanging in the air, Facebook says it’s going to double the number of people working on security.

Among other investments and close work with FBI and the Dept. of Homeland Security, the company will increase the workforce dedicated to security to 20,000 this year, from 10,000.

Facebook is “committed to staying ahead of this kind of deceptive and malevolent activity going forward,” says its VP of Global Policy, Joel Kaplan. (h/t Bloomberg)

The indictment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller says Russians infiltrated Facebook with fake accounts and groups supposedly supporting Donald Trump for president. Social media tactics have been used widely to shift public opinion.

Those accused allegedly used a Facebook account belonging to a fictitious person named Matt Skiber, posing as an American to contact a real US citizen to act as a recruiter for the rally, even offering money to print posters and buy a megaphone.
The advertisements weren’t limited to Trump. They also allegedly purchased ads on Facebook to promote “Support Hillary. Save American Muslims” rally to allege Clinton was supporting Islamic law. They also allegedly bought ads to promote a “Down with Hillary” rally.
The defendants focused on key purple states during the election. The Skiber account allegedly sent a private message to a real Facebook account, “Florida for Trump,” to offer support. They also allegedly used a stolen identity of a real US citizen to email grassroots groups in Florida.
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