More Tron News. Justin Sun on Twitter announced the addition of TRX to another exchange, today. TRX, till the time the main net is announced, will be dependant on ERC20.

Justin Sun announces TRX getting listed LBANK

Justin Sun announces TRX getting listed LBANK

Tron’s official Twitter account, Tron Foundation mentioned in their post,

“The deposit and withdraw of #TRX and TRX/ETH will be opened on 18:00 February, 28, 2018 ( GMT+8 )”

LBANK is an exchange platform with a concentration on the Asian markets. In comparison to a lot of other Asian exchanges, LBANK offers one of the lowest trading fees at 0.10%. The exchange currently has approximately 50 tokens listed and TRX would be one of the bigger tokens listed to trade.

TRON [TRX] has been in the limelight for the past few days with his followers awaiting TRON main net’s release. It is touted to be an important update as it won’t rely on Ethereum anymore and it would open doors to faster, cheaper transactions. The network according to sources could handle more than 1000 transactions at a time which will be more than what Ethereum and Bitcoin are offering right now.

Markets still await the Main Net release as it would remove the ETH dependancy and would then according to TRON believers open doors for it to get listed on Coinbase and a few other exchanges.

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