We will get right to the point for what Tron needs. The key for Tron moving forward is getting Main Net launched and working in the first half of 2018.

Many of the detractors of TRX believe that Justin Sun and the TRON team are creating a pump scheme through their currency with no actual substance to the technology.

Main Net is the backbone TRON needs to prove to the world it’s a legitimate player in cryptocurrency. It also serves to differentiate TRX from the multitude of copycat coins on the market.

Main Net will allow TRX to operate separate from the Ethereum network on which it is currently running. Do not forget the importance for China. The benefits of this transition are substantial:

A) Transaction costs become negligible. The proposed Main Net upgrade will make transactions consume 0.00001 TRX, which, at current pricing, costs .0000005 USD (Ripple has a comparable TX fee of 0.00001 XRP, while Bitcoin averages 5 USD and Ethereum 1 USD).

With nonexistent transaction fees, the utility of TRX as an in-operation currency goes way up. There is essentially no barrier to spending or exchanging TRX once Main Net launches.

B) Top market scaling. With Main Net implementation, TRON’s network is capable of handling over 1000 transactions per second. Compare that to Ripple’s network load of 1500 tx/second (designed for banks) and Bitcoin’s average of 7 tx/s. TRON will have the industry’s lowest transaction fees coupled with a network capable of solving the scalability issue plaguing crypto.

The sooner Main Net is operational and working properly, the faster TRON will be able to fulfill its potential as a development platform for entertainment industry products.

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