TRON [TRX], a protocol aiming at creating a free worldwide content system, has been spiking up its market with a 10.84% hike this week.

TRON Foundation made an announcement on Twitter this morning: is a Stars Capital International Private Limited company, originally from the British Virgin Islands. The company functions as a blockchain technology development for integrating and assisting digital assets and service providers. They have been in this industry for almost 3 years, clinging to the motto of the ‘customer first and service in earnest’. The company on an average has registered more than 350,000, average daily of more than 8 million IP and 200+ PVs.


Earlier announcements made by TRON includes TRX getting listed in Bittrex with a spike of 31% and only after a few hours of this announcement, TRON was listed in Korea’s biggest exchange, Upbit. The notice by Upbit started that along with BTC and ETH markets, TRX will be listed on the exchange.

Along with these exciting announcements, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, prior to these listings had made another ‘announcement’ about TRON main net. He had stated that the details will be revealed by this week. With TRON main net, the network of TRX won’t be limited to only Ethereum, as it is now. With this addition, cheap and huge transactions can be made easier than what Bitcoin and Ethereum are offering currently.

With such developments in TRX, in its 6 months of infancy has created mixed reactions among the public.

Justin Sun, the founder posted on Twitter:

“#TRON has been listed on . Welcome to trade on . #TRX $TRX”

Evangeline Rippringham , a TRX  supporter says:

“Cа­ո уօ­ս b­е еvе­ո mօr­е ɡrеа­t t­һаո t­һаt? Mаո­у tһа­ոks fr­օm tһ­е b­օttօm օ­f m­у һ­еаrt.‏”

Ricky, a crypto trader comments:

“TRON is being listed like rocket. Everyday new listing …”

Tara N Patak, an Entrepreneur says:

“Worst exchange. It charges hefty fees for fiat currency to deposit or withdraw. #tron #tronfoundation #cex”

Replying to the tweet, username 50Cryptodev, a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Poor guy is tired of coin that’s 5 months old ….lol. You do realize neo was under .15 cents almost all of last year lmao. Go to the arcade if you want a quick win”

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