It has been a hectic week for TRON [TRX] followers with the prices not seeing the positive end since the past seven days. Declining by another 8.52% in the past 24 hours, TRX has closed at $0.039.

A few hours ago, Koinex announced TRX trading on its platform:

Koinex Twitter Post

Koinex Twitter Post

Yes, the trading is now live for TRON starting at 12.30 pm, March 8th, 2018.

Koinex, a multi cryptocurrency trading platform is operated by a Mumbai based Discidium Internet Labs Pvt. Ltd. It was founded last year in the month of August by Rakesh Yadav and Rahul Raj, both being IIT graduates and Aditya Naik, a BITS Pilani graduate. This is India’s first trading platform which supports real-time multiple tokens on a single platform.


Rahul Raj, CEO of Koinex earlier stated:

“Global markets have crossed the tipping point for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These have transitioned from being an up surging trend to a full-fledged technological and financial phenomenon.”

Prior to this, Koinex had an exchange platform only for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, OmiseGO, Request Network, 0x, Golem, Bancor, and Aeternity. TRON becomes the 6th coin among the top 15 coins in the global market to be added in Koinex.

Zebpay dominated the Indian Crypto market for quite some time. According to an Indian cryptocurrency investor Deepit Lahri,

“It had some major loopholes and drawbacks as it allowed trading only in Bitcoin and nothing else. This is where Koinex came into play and ruled the market.”

Yash Garg, a blogger is all excited and says:

“Finally TRON is live on koinex, One of India’s most popular crypto exchange.”

Azfar Lari, a day trader commented:

“TRX deposits for Koinex are live people. I just completed mine in roughly 5 minutes.”

Azeem Shaikh, a regular tweeter says:

“Awesome! As we predicted TRON will become the next coin to be listed on Koinex.”

TRON has also launched its second official telegram group. TRON [TRX] foundation had previously announced the addition of the token to other platforms like Bittrex and Upbit which had propelled the prices for a brief duration.

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