Out of the many technical backings behind the several created cryptocurrencies, the team behind Tron (TRX) has worked tirelessly behind the scene to drive the digital asset to the top. Today, the Tron foundation has announced that they have secured a strategic agreement with Trip.Io. The underlying force that will accelerate the Tron price when the crypto market begins to pull back from the long-known recession is not just the deal, but the function of the agreement.  Trip.Io is the world first traveling Blockchain project, and they have been mandated to shield the Tron. This is all part of THE GRAND PLAN

This partnership will ensure that the parties involved grow in cooperation.One other key which the partnership will seek to satisfy is that it will share resources in the field of the main chain, content, and travel. Moreover, it will also focus on the area of entertainment and operational resources in the future.

This is expected to push the Tron (TRX) performance to its uppermost level when the main digital asset, Bitcoin, break from its current level to the top. Tron, before the severe market pullback, recorded a 1200 percent rise in price pushing it to dine with the top cryptocurrencies and make investors rich overnight. In fact, most of the cryptocurrencies have been predicted to do well this year. Nut just how well???



 Wesley Shen, the founder of trip.io said that Tron has a lot of applications that will ensure an effective cooperation. He said that Tron currently has a lot of cooperative applications. According to him, Some of these applications are Peiwo App. Shen added that the cooperation between the two sides will be based on the accumulation of their respective industries and advantageous resources, seeking opportunities for win-win cooperation.” Its track record of success is a perfect reason to conclude that the deal will not be a failure, but a breakthrough. Authcontentorities have also assured a dedication to the work to make Tron bigger.


It appears that Tron enters into partnership with renowned agencies that has proven itself in the online circle of digital use. The Trip.io has core members of Alibaba, Amazon, Microsoft, E-long, and Ctrip. They also have a track record of winning capital investment many renowned companies including OKBlockchain Capital.

Deriving the end results from a technical analysis, this partnership will go a long way to put Tron on the list of the best digital assets.

According to Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, their team looks forward to having a good time and effective working relationship with the trip.io. He also revealed that the trip.io partnership project is their main focus in 2018. Before the start of the year, almost all cryptocurrency teams assured their investors of a good run at the end of the year based on a focus point derived from partnerships. Ripple and Ethereum have also undertaken partnerships which will help the performance of the assets when they begin to pick up from the constant fall. Authorities have said that they will give investors a good run for their money.

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