Gaming and virtual currency industry veteran Jared Psigoda leads BitGuild which is a blockchain gaming platform. Earlier this week, he had announced a new cooperation with TRON which is also a blockchain based protocol. TRON shares the vision of building a worldwide free content entertainment system just like BitGuild.

In addition to the earlier news about BitGuild and TRON published a week ago, here are the latest developments.

The buying of in-game items concept has been swirling around long enough making it ubiquitous for gamers. But every time there is an open opportunity to buy objects with real money, it is a greater opportunity for hackers, scammers, frauds, and duplicators.

This is where blockchain plays a major role in providing a robust environment, despite calls to BAN it. It is a great way to prove item ownership making the transactions transparent, recordable and verified.

The world’s 14th best coin, TRON [TRX] is trading with a value $0.036852 and has gone down 3.99% just like every other coin in the market. But market analysts are positive that this coin will gain its momentum really quickly.

The TRON community will gain some unique set of limited – edition – in-game assets from the partnership with BitGuild. These can be purchased using TRX tokens which will be available on the BitGuild virtual platform in the coming days as stated by the company.

Patrick Edwards tweeted to VentureBeat:

“This is a genius idea! It has that Sword Art Online feel of just being able to transfer your character to another game. I can absolutely see the value in this! Love the idea of in-game purchases forever belonging to the rightful owner.”

Psigoda stated:

“We have been following the Tron project for quite a while and realize that they have one of the most active and engaging communities in this industry. The Tron community is young and tech-savvy, making them perfect partners for us to cooperate with on gaming projects.”

Psigoda continued:

“We believe that in the current market environment, the era of ‘white papers and grand visions’ may be coming to an end, and the time has come to develop real applications on top of this amazing technology for end-users to interact with.”


Gamers have always been pioneers in picking up new technologies. This, educating new users on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency could be beneficial to the industry. We remain bullish on Tron Coin.

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