With many cryptocurrency investors and users getting wary of the market slump, Tron (TRX) developer team just launched their Testnet. The platform founder, Justin Sun has assured the community of the platforms’ next move to ensure the network achieves its 2018 goals.

The updates have seen increased interest on the system which might trigger price shifts and subscriber base growth. This is a simple trial test to ensure there are no flaws in the system. According to Justin Sun, the Testnet is a towards a better Tron platform. If the network is to grow in adoption, the capacity to process additional transactions has to improve.

What is Tron (TRX) Testnet All About?

Large scale systems need to be tested before it is released to ensure they do not fail. This is a large scale project and a single point of failure can affect all network participants. This is a step toward the system attaining its peak performance giving it the ability to accommodate more adoption in the future.

With the current market slump, there is reduced activity in most platforms and ideal time to Testnets. Any interruptions at the moment will not affect the users and other stakeholders. The Testnet launch three days ago has not affected the charts but the coin remains on the green got the last 7 days.


TRX is trading at $0.034902 after marginal gains against the dollar of 10.80%. This could be seen as the recovery springboard of the coin with more gains expected in the coming months. The coin is also feeling the heat other cryptocurrencies are experiencing and might take a while to see tangible results.

There has been substantial market cap growth from below $2 billion to the current $2.29 billion. The Testnet announcement seems to have some positive impact coming just after investors voice their concerns over the slow pace of the project. The launch will see the coin start recovering. With TRX coin burn expected soon, the token value is set to skyrocket.

Justin Sun on Tron (TRX) Immediate Future Plans

Tron (TRX) is starting a campaign to have a global look and appeal. This is a good move to go for mass adoption and according to the founder; the basic and effective route to market is through getting listed in major cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase is the first target and once listed the coin market value will grow.

Tron market impact has also come under fair criticism from investors. To this end, the founder assurance to the community they are adding the platforms team by additional 100 members makes some sense. These developers are going to be in charge of the smooth operation of the system after the Testnet is deemed successful. The team members will be drawn from partner companies like Alibaba.

Coin pairing has dwarfed Tron (TRX) volume prospects in the market. This, Justin Sun says will be addressed. A TRX/USD pairing could be in the offing though the founder did not specify. However, if this happens, Tron growth will become a reality faster than many anticipate. This is the only way the coin will have real value in the market.

Tron (TRX) Short-term Predictions

The announcements might be bold but Tron does not operate in the market alone. There other players and the market are not that conducive to project marginal gains. The coin positive recovery might usher in new highs as indicated by its market cap surge. If the current price stability is checked, there is a ray of hope for the coin.

The truth is that there is currently a lot of competition between ETH and BTC and any price surge will trickles down the ripple effect to most of the top 50 Altcoins. This makes it hard for any single coin to go it alone to work towards price recovery. With a level playing ground, Tron (TRX) has seen capabilities of increasing its global presence and implementing new strategies to add value to the coin.

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