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Quad 7 Capital is happy you give novice and experienced writers alike an opportunity to publish their work for exposure to thousands of readers. If you would like to publish your work with us, first create a free account.

Submission guidelines

Quad 7 Capital will publishes stock market news coverage, earnings reports reviews, interviews, stock opinion/research articles, product reviews, current events and more.

Quad 7 Capital accepts submissions from credible authors and reviews them for clarity, consistency and impact. Among other principles, our editors follow the following criteria in deciding whether or not to publish an article:

  1. Articles must interest our readership. For stock-oriented posts, we consider carefully: Whether the article helps a fundamentally-oriented investor decide whether to buy or sell the stock in question? Does it provide meaningful information about or analysis of the company’s competitive environment, management, products, corporate strategy, earnings potential or balance sheet? We don’t generally post pure technical analysis of stocks or option trading ideas that aren’t fundamentally based. For macro posts, we consider whether the article is helpful for stock-market investors: To what degree is its viewpoint ‘actionable’? Is it written for investors, or is the article’s key focus on politics, economics, marketing, etc.?
  2. In order to best use our editorial resources, we often reject articles that require extensive copy-editing, are poorly written, or unusually long.
  3. Articles about a stock trading at less than $1 or with a market cap below $100 million will see extra scrutiny but are still eligible for publication.
  4. The author must agree in writing to our terms and conditions.

The stocks covered on Quad 7 Capital, and whether articles are bullish or bearish, are determined by our contributing authors (having satisfied quality and integrity criteria), and not by our editors. Editorial feedback (if given) on articles is intended to support the author in clarifying the author’s viewpoint and may not interfere with the substance of the author’s argument or viewpoint. Our strict adherence to these editorial guidelines means that  authors and contributing authors are genuinely independent.

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Ready to take the next step? After you have registered an account, please generate your work in MICROSOFT WORD format, including any related images/charts.  Then, send an email with your submission to with the subject; GUEST SUBMISSION, and the title of the article.

Additional guidance for contributors

Broadly, here’s what we look for in deciding whether or not to publish an article submission related to stocks/bonds/economics:

  • Market-oriented: Write about a stock, sector, ETF or theme that is actionable for U.S.-based investors. Include relevant tickers to ensure the articles receive maximum exposure on Quad 7 Capital and with our content distribution partners. We do publish macro-economic, market-actionable posts, but will not publish articles that focus mainly on politics, marketing, economic theory, or non-business related trends.
  • High-quality: Articles should contain high-quality opinion and analysis and must deliver on three separate metrics: Convincing, Well-Presented and Actionable. An article doesn’t have to include an explicit buy/sell recommendation to be actionable, but must include information that could help a reader make an investment decision in a security or sector.
  • Fundamental analysis: Address the company’s competitive environment, management, products, corporate strategy, earnings outlook, valuation and/or balance sheet. We look for well-presented and informed opinions based on rigorous fundamental analysis. We do not publish pure technical analysis.
  • Originality: If you are writing about well-covered issues, bring a new perspective that others may have missed. Articles generated largely by scripts, or articles that could have been generated largely by scripts, will not be accepted.
  • Compelling title: Your title should reflect the content of the article and tell readers why they must read the article. Bombastic titles and articles that don’t deliver on the title’s promise will be declined.
  • Market cap: An article about a stock trading at less than $1 or with a market cap below $100 million will see extra scrutiny but is still eligible for publication.
  • Clean: All submissions must be proofread already, and be free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • No promotional content: We do not allow promotional content within articles. What we do allow is utilization of the author sidebar to promote your brand, and up to a maximum of three links within an article to contextually relevant information. The three links may not be to subscription pages, or promotions, but rather to a page on your site that adds value to the reader.
  • The human factor: We work to consistently select the best articles submitted for consideration. However, the selection of articles and Editors’ Picks is highly discretionary, and can be impacted by many factors including the number of articles addressing similar themes and the timeliness of the topic. We strive to maintain an open and constructive dialogue with our contributors, and work closely with contributors whenever possible to help ensure article publication as relevant.