Claim Your Free Stock!

Claim Your FREE Stock! 

It takes less than 5 minutes, and you will be given a free share of Ford, Apple, AT&T, SNAP or more, at random.


  1. Click and download the trading app from this link
  2. Fill out the information (you can even SKIP the bank info if you don’t want to use the app)
  3. Get your free stock
  4. Trade commission free (optional!)

This is the only product we endorse, and it is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate market users. But even if you’re an expert, you get a free stock, and ability to trade commission free. So why not give it a try. It takes 5 minutes.

Upon account approval using our link you get a chance of getting a share of stock valued between $3 and $200 – the average is $12. The stock is awarded once you fund your account is approved. No money is needed. It is FREE.