Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) is at it again, with more news on how it will improve its dominance in the market place. on Sunday announced plans to improve its artificial-intelligence accelerators with next year’s rollout of the Blackwell Ultra chip and a next-generation platform called Rubin in 2026.

Nvidia debuts tools

The company also debuted its latest tools and software models the night before the Computex trade show was set to open in Taiwan. Nvidia (NVDA) seeks to expand adoption of its technologies beyond a core group of cloud-computing giants.

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia

Jensen Huang, chief executive of Nvidia (NVDA), said on Sunday in a keynote address at National Taiwan University that he foresees more companies and government agencies embracing AI. He also reissued a warning from the prior year at the same venue that companies without AI are at risk of becoming less competitive.


“We are seeing computation inflation,” Huang said about growth in the amount of data being processed by machines. The upcoming Rubin AI platform will use HBM4, the next iteration of the essential high-bandwidth memory that has constrained production of AI accelerators, Huang said. SK Hynix is mostly sold out through next year on the hardware.

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